Jelly Planner 
What is Jelly Planner?

Jelly Planner is a simple and flexible task list. Its goal is for you to relax and cheer up while planning your tasks.

In Jelly Planner you can:
  • add or edit tasks with a single tap
  • prioritize tasks by moving them around
  • categorize tasks by using different colors
  • define due dates for tasks and receive status bar notifications
  • define due times and receive alarms
  • add photos or pictures to your tasks
  • create child plans (detailed plans) for tasks
  • move tasks between different plans
  • view or search tasks hierarchy in a dedicated view
  • view or search upcoming tasks in a dedicated view
  • and more...


How does Jelly Planner work?

Your tasks are displayed inside colorful jellies. You decide how to arrange tasks on the screen. A jelly with a child jelly next to it is a one that has a child (detailed) plan defined.

Besides the Top level plan / child plans views Jelly Planner is equipped with upcoming tasks view and tasks hierarchy view.

The views can be filtered and used to search for tasks, the found task will be pointed in the basic plan view:

When a task's date comes, a notification appears in the device's status bar:

When notification is tapped it disappears from the list and it's details are displayed:

When you tap the notification window Jelly Planner opens and the jelly is pointed:

If you also set up time and alarm for your task you will see and hear the alarm on the time specified (if your phone is in silent mode no alarm tone will be played):

If you tap the alarm window you will jump to Jelly Planner and see the jelly pointed. If the task is completed you may delete it or - if you still want it to be around - you can edit it and check it done. Here's how a done task is displayed in Jelly Planner:

How to use Jelly Planner main view?

Add a new task with a single tap.

Edit a task with a single tap.

Long press a task and drag it to move it to a different place.

Navigate between Top level plan and child plans with a double tap.

When a plan is higher than the phone screen you can scroll it up and down.

Both Help and Tutorial option in Menu contain these instructions.

What configuration options available for a task / plan / application?

If a task has no child plan an additional option: 'Move task to another plan' will be available for it.

There are two options that might help you with arranging tasks - one is 'Arrange tasks vertically' that will even them vertically, and another one is 'Left align tasks'.   Get on GooglePlay   Follow on Facebook